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    My homework from my instructor was to figure out averages both of q's and scores to see where we are, if we could really be competitive for an OTCh, and to help set goals for 2008. I had only 2 nq's in Open all last year and those both were the sit after the long down. My average score was a 196 and that was with the auto finishes after we got back from Canada that plagued us the rest of the year (she and her husband figured out that to be competitive in our area one needs to have at least an average of 197 in Open B). With our three Utility B scores we had a 193 average. I must admit I had been rather discouraged about the UDX much less the OTCh. Here was her response to me which I thought was very nice.

    You know some folks would kill to have a 193 average in Utility. Also a 196 average in Open-B is close to a 197. You are not far off. We will keep plugging away. He is a tuff nut to crack. He needs confidence and needs motivation and sometimes needs a butt kick. That is what makes training so interesting.


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    DefaultRe: My Homework

    You live in the wrong part of the country. You are more than competitive enough to do it in my area.

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    I know that to be competitive in my area, I'll have to be right up there too. My instructors (who I would compete again against) feel let down if they get below a 198.

    You'll get there Susan! Caleb is still a pretty young dog!


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