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    OMG!!!! I couldn't be prouder of Murray. He hit 100% of his contacts this weekend. ;D As you already know, he finished his Open Touch-n-Go title with a first place on Sat. I moved him up to Elite on Sun. He got his first ever Elite leg in Touch-n-Go and another first place!!! ;D I really have no idea what I did differently but I hope I can keep doing it.

    His Elite tunnelers runs were awesome too but he didn't quite make time. By Sun afternoon, I was actually running ahead of him, WAY ahead of him. That NEVER happens. I'm old, out of shape, and sloooow. It's sad when I cross the finish line first. I'm hoping he's just still recovering from being so sick. Our next trial is in a month so he'll have plenty of time to recoup. I'm just having so much fun with him right now. He's confident and settled like I've never seen him before. Maybe he's finally maturing.

    Essy had a great weekend too. Meghan was a little disappointed that Essy didn't want to run but I reminded her how far they have come. Essy didn't pee or poop in the ring. She wasn't stressed at all. She was having fun and she was really listening to Meghan. Meghan got lots of opportunities to practice crosses without the worry of dropping bars (no jumps at all this weekend). So Essy didn't want to run. We know she can. She is overdue to come into heat so that may be playing a role too. They did get another Novice Tunnelers Q (that's 2 now) so they didn't go home empty handed. That cheered up Meghan a little. I also told her that a friend contacted me and wants to write an article about Meghan and Essy's accomplishments (rally, obedience, agility) for Front and Finish. ;D

    Lots of trials next month. Now I have to hope that Essy comes into heat this week or not at least for awhile. :-\

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    DefaultRe: Sun NADAC trial results

    Lydia that is wonderful! And to think a year ago you thought Murray was all done with everything! WHOO HOO Murray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is great about Meghan and Essy, too!
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