Plans for 2008
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Thread: Plans for 2008

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    DefaultPlans for 2008

    Based on Tatyana's recap thread: do you guys plan out your goals ahead for the year? Do you know what shows you want to enter in advance or do you do it as they come up? Do you have training goals, titling goals, or a combo?

    I'd start but Gabs and I are going to be late for our open class!
    <br />U-CD Of Love and Other Demons, CD, RE, CGC (Gabby)<br />Maverick<br />Saint Louis

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    Tatyana is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    Our plans include getting Scotty's UD and TDX and maybe a JH. And getting a new puppy.

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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    We have some goals set and usually hit the same shows every year.

    Hudler needs to get his CD (1 leg to go) and we may possible think about his RA depending on how his directed jumping goes.

    Maddy needs to get her RE (1 leg to go) and we will do the paces for her RAE. We will continue to train for Open and hopefully get that this year too. Possibly a U-CD depending on the shows. I don't like where they are in my area and then then tend to conflict with other stuff I have going on.

    Grace is up in the air. She is going to be bred, so depending on when that happens.... Otherwise, we'll be training for CD, RA and depending on how our new club is doing, possibly getting her WC.

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    ZRL is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    My goal with Zeke is to actually compete in agility - I don't think I have shown him since November of '06. By compete, I mean actually get a leg once in a while - not just enter the ring(and promptly leave it again : )
    Zeke RN, agility miscreant and CGC failure

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    3TailsWaggin's Avatar
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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    My main focus this year is Ruger. My goals are to show Ruger a lot more in Utility and hope for a leg or two. Also would very much like to complete his Open Agility titles and move into Excellent. I will most likely be showing him a few times just by himself (me and him travelling to a few shows for the weekend).

    Goals with Magnum are to continue doing low-key stuff with her and keep her active (since she's a senior gal now). We definitely will be competing her in USDAA Gamblers and Snooker, and also in CPE in the fall.

    With Remington my goals are to finish his Rally Novice and then keep working on his training in both obedience and agility, and possibly show him toward the end of the year if he looks like he'll be ready.

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    rottnlabs is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    Our show seaon is Sept-Mar so technically we will still be in the '07 season until next Sept. I already know what shows we will and will not go to. Several things happened this year so I (and many others) will be boycotting many of the shows I used to attend.

    My goals with Murray are:
    1) finish his UD
    2) finish his AKC open agility titles
    3) clean up his obedience routine so we can start working on a UDX.
    4) continue hunt training
    5) possibly start tracking training (if I can find a trainer and time).

    My goals with Meghan and Essy are:
    1) finish her CD
    2) finish some agility titles (has legs in several classes)
    3) start getting some distance in agility
    4) start open training
    5) continue hunt training
    <br /><br />Lydia, Murray &amp; Essy in AZ<br /><br />Clear Creek&#39;s Mad About You CDX RE NJP OAP OFP ASCA CDX GSN RSN NGC TGO TNO OAC NJC HPN PS1 JHE<br /><br />Larkspur&#39;s Essence RE NAC TNN JHE

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    imported_gabbys mom is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    Okay, we're back from our open class.

    We have lofty goals this year.

    Titling Goals:
    1. We want to get Gabby's WC/SHR.
    2. We will finish Gabby's U-CD, CD, and RA by the second weekend in Jan (fingers crossed) so I'm not sure that counts as a goal...
    3. We're training pretty heavily for open, so I'd like to get her CDX
    4. We need to certify/test in tracking for TD.

    Ha. Good thing there's nothing else going on, eh?

    <br />U-CD Of Love and Other Demons, CD, RE, CGC (Gabby)<br />Maverick<br />Saint Louis

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    Tanya is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    big plans for everyone!

    I'm going in baby steps.

    - I want to try a Rally-O competition (not to win, just to try)
    - Actually COMPETE in flyball (we've been "learning" for over 1.5 years now)
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    What good goals

    (and yah I've been writing and rewriting my calender for months now)

    Mine vary a LOT.. depending on the moment but I can do general overview

    Brody (siggy dog) and I will:

    -attend CPE nationals
    -complete level 2/3 CPE titles if enough trials permit doing so
    -attend regionals and get over 300 points (old bar for qualifying for nationals - its now 400 but a lot of small dog people are saying its impossible) - I'd love to say attend aac nationals but have no idea if thats possible really
    - finish advanced standard q (2 more to go!)
    - earn masters jumpers title
    - earn one steeplechase title
    - earn two advanced snookers q
    - earn two team advanced q
    - enjoy advanced gambles classes

    Sally - (avator dog) and I will:
    - earn level one CPE title
    - finish starters titles (I predict games will come before standard)
    - play at regionals (she'll have something like 6 trials under her belt so playing and not making a fool of me is plenty ambitious!)

    Thea (chihuahua) and I will:
    -earn the last three level one titles
    - work on earning 10,000 CPE points at level one..
    - gain enough confidence on teeter we can look at trying level two or standard runs in aac
    -earn snookers title and gambles title (pretty ambitious for her)

    I'm exhausted just thinking about it let alone doing it

    and then there is Gus

    I'd like Gus to do a rally class/ fun match/trial
    I'd like Gus to work on more agility equipment
    I'd like Gus to find an even happier place to observe the world from internally

    (some of you may notice I have phrased Gus goals differently then the others........hmmmmmmmmmmmm)


    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” H. Keller

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    JacksAndLabs is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Plans for 2008

    My goals for 2008 are...

    Scout (jrt): MACH. That was this years goal, but it was shoved aside a knee injury in april that caused surgery in july. He's about half way there in both points and QQ's.

    Darwin: MX, MXJ and make progress towards running Senior/Seasoned hunt tests.

    Piper: Finish that dang NA title that was stolen from us! Make progress in training towards Senior/Seasoned hunt tests. Deliver a healthy litter of puppies

    Bono: JH and SHR titles

    I can't wait!!
    ~Nicole<br />Grand Ledge, MI<br /><br />

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