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    we got a working spot at Jane Jackson clinic in July! 8) We audited her clinic last year because the club that was hosting bumped me from a working spot to an auditing spot at the last minute so one of their club members could do it...grh. But my brother heard of one by her in Iowa in July- so we made sure to talk to the host and get in early!

    This will be an exciting summer/fall. Jane Jackson in July, Connie Cleveland in September! We're going to have to step it up!
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    How neat! I'll probably be competing against Jane next weekend. She usually comes down for the shows around here.
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    Our kennel club is having Connie Cleveland in May and one of the lab clubs I belong to is hosting Jane in late June or early July I believe. I don't think I'm interested in attending Connie's seminar but I do plan to go see Jane (I know her). I'm really not doing much obedience so not sure it is worth it to get a working spot as not sure which dog I would take. Susan, say hi to Jane from me and tell her Caleb is out of my Ali.
    Deb H.
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    Sounds great! You're lucky to be able to attend both clinics.


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