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    Reading the other post made me want to ask what do all your respective clubs do at year end for trophies?

    My Kennel club does small plaques with the dog's name on it, and you get hangers for each additional title you earn. They actually moved it to a Aug - July year, so I haven't gotten one for Grace yet. But Hudler and Maddy both have one.

    My LRC has stricter rules, and 3 different categories, and each requires the dog to be a mutliple winner in several categories. Maddy was eligible for one category as she has earned at least 2 titles. This weekend I'll get the plaque, so I am curious to see what it looks like!

    My other LRC doesn't do anything.

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    DefaultRe: Trophies

    I'll find out Monday at our Christmas party. Actually, they asked for any titles earned from last September to this August. They also have a plaque that has little hangers for titles. I don't know if they don anything else. I'll report back


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