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    DefaultTracking Warning!

    A friend wanted to start tracking with her two dogs so I said I would be her tracking buddy. She has two Australian Cattle dogs (ACD's) and we started them on some simple 10 step tracks with me standing at the end then with out me then slightly longer tracks all in wet grass with me doing the hot dog rubbed on the heel. Then I had her lay a track around 2 edges of the park with a simple 45 turn. It had been about 2 years since Amber has done any tracking so I wasn't even sure if she would remember it as we had only ever done about 15 weekends of tracking back then. She was pulling on her leash and collar as soon as we got out of the car. A good sign I thought. I got her to the start of the track and put her harness on after much fumbling (it had been a while) And clipped her line to it while she was still in the down. I then said "Fi..." and that was all it took she was off like a shot, down the track. About that point I realized that I really should have remembered to put on my gloves.... I now have a burn across my left index finger from the line. Its a good thing I have calouses on my hands or it would have been much worse. She finds the turn and the first article and then has a bit of trouble working it then figures it out and finds the second and last article. I reward her with a bit of hotdog and then she goes back to work. I had planned on ending at the article but she seemed to want to do more and I knew how the tracklayer had walked back to the cars so I let her go. She tracked onto the sidewalk then parrallel to the side walk and found the track going back down the 3 rd side of the park and followed it back to where the track layer was back at the cars. She gets to where the tracklayer is and is still working the ground then suddenly sniffs the tracklayers shoes and leggs and and I could see the lightbulb go off. She jumped up and down and gave the tracklayer I think I really need to get her certified so we can enter a tracking test this winter. Of course I am going to make sure that I have gloves with from now

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    Good girl Amber!!!

    Tracking is so much fun! (Belle and Kodi do blood tracking). I too have experienced the rope burn, and because of the nature of our tracking, being pulled through pricker bushes. A good pair of leather gloves are essential!!

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    We've totally had the burn before!

    1 year old Ginny did an X track tonight, she's so good! Keen little nose on my turd! And NO! They never forget the sensation of using their noses, its really unbelievable.
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