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    I thought I was crazy because I KNEW I had posted this question and then it wasn't here - but I guess we lost some stuff........

    When you do the retrieve over jump, what command do you give? Do you give your "retrieve" command, or say "jump", or something else to let your dog know they are to go over the jump, get the dumbbell and jump back over to you. So far it seems that if I say "get it" (our retrieve command) she runs around the jump to get the dumbbell and then jumps over it to return it. If I say "jump", she jumps the jumps and retrieves the dumbbell and jumps back over - just like she is supposed to, but I don't think she puts it all together yet. Just wondered what all you guys did. I'll be asking alot of question concerning open excercises in the next few months, so bare with me!

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    DefaultRe: Question on Retrieve over Jump

    Pat, I use "hup" my jump command for the retrieve over the high jump and "take it" for retrieve on the flat. My reasoning is to give the dog another reason to go over the jump besides the set up in front of the jump. (no matter where the DB lands).
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    DefaultRe: Question on Retrieve over Jump

    I use "Fetch It" for retrieve over the jump and on the flat...anything that "falls" or I have tossed. I use "Take It" for placed objects, like Gloves.
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