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    Defaultfinding a trainer...

    Following up on the "break up post"...

    How do you find a new trainer?

    I like privates better (I tend to learn better) - which eliminates a lot of the kennel clubs around here. I also tend to have a lot of night classes/night activities (further eliminating traditional classes). And none of them seem to do open classes even if we could do night classes (anyone else notice that?).

    I can't really ask around at local shows, because these tend to be the people that train with or are buddies with current trainer, or worse, train out of her facility.

    Above all, I want someone that understands that this is my dog, not his or her's, and the training methods have to be within my comfort level.
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    DefaultRe: finding a trainer...

    We don't have anyone offering training in the upper levels in my area so I was basically on my own for Open and Utility. I found some friends who were taking lessons from someone in their area so they kind of helped me thru Open teaching me what they were learning. I found yet some more friends who have multiple titles on dogs (including UDXs and OTCHs) and they are the ones helping me thru Utility now.

    I'd watch the teams in the OB/UB ring and talk to those individuals. You never know, you might find a practice "buddy" or even someone who offers classes that you may not be aware of. All of my training buddies approached me at shows after watching us in the ring so it goes both ways.
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