Who recommended the energy boosting dog supplements?
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Thread: Who recommended the energy boosting dog supplements?

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    DefaultWho recommended the energy boosting dog supplements?

    Who was it that reccomended energy boosting supplements for dogs? Maddie my chocolate lab is having problems during the second agility run of the day. She gets sluggish and is unable to complete her weave poles. She looks like she is running through quicksand. First run of the day she is energetic and completes the courses under time and typically without fault, unless I goof her up :P We just completed her Excellent Standard title and would love to complete the excellent jumpers but, jumpers is typically second run of the day. She needs two more legs and I remember that someone, recommended supplements for mental clarity and energy boost during performance. Something gold? Does this ring any bells with anyone. Thanks in advance for your help. Lisa

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    DefaultRe: Who recommended the energy boosting dog supplements?

    it wasn't me

    but I trial and have found that different dogs require different feeding on trial days

    some dogs need breakfast and significant calories through the day

    one dog of mine won't run if he eats in the morning at all but if he has a long wait between classes he goes back to the car for a truely peaceful nap and has a food source like a dried strip of chicken ... then I start him up as if he was starting run one of the day

    the temperments of the dogs is SO important in figuring out the best routine for them (and you!)



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