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Thread: Another one bites the dust...

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    DefaultAnother one bites the dust...

    I think my name is going to have to be added to the list of people taking a break from training for a while :-\ I'd rather not, but I simply don't have TIME. I haven't even seen my dog in a month, let alone train him. So, I'll see him again over Thansgiving break (Nov 21st can't get here soon enough!) but after that I won't see him again till nearly christmas, and Christmas will be hectic, and after christmas I am flying to Montana, then returning straight to school (not even coming home after my trip - I am leaving the airport and going STRAIGHT back to school). Then I am taking 19 credit hours in the spring semester, so I don't expect to be seeing Zeke much then either - and over the summer I will be working/doing summer school or a combination of the two (probably at school - not home) my sister is getting married then too.

    So, I have a feeling Zeke will be a couple years older before he enters the ring again I'll still be training when I have time, I just suspect that won't be very often. Maybe I can work in some agility once in a while though (I can only hope!).
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    DefaultRe: Another one bites the dust...

    Bummer for you. I'm sure Zeke won't mind the break

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    DefaultRe: Another one bites the dust...

    You could always take him with you :P

    Gabby is my law school buddy. Maverick was supposed to be my brother's high school/college buddy but somehow ends up spending more time here.
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