Training for "jobs" (film, photo, etc.)
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Thread: Training for "jobs" (film, photo, etc.)

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    DefaultTraining for "jobs" (film, photo, etc.)

    So, the photography thread (for the catalog ad) reminded me of the time a year or two ago when Libby was being looked at for a part in a movie...a B-rated thriller, nonetheless! LOL I had a couple of behaviors that she didn't do which I had to train her for. The part would have been perfect, but there was some paperwork stuff that didn't come through and another dog (who wasn't quite as good as Libby, according to the people I was talking to) got the part.

    The scenes she was supposed to be in were these:

    a) playing "hockey" with a young problem, she had that behavior down and even tends to play with her front legs like a cat, so it worked out great!

    b) barking at a man (murderer) who was approaching the driver of a broken down car (from within the car, where she was sitting shotgun)...she has always been very quiet, so this was a new one because we actually prefer not having a barking dog, LOL. Turns out, she barked (in a playful way) for the vacuum, so I chased her around with the vacuum while giving her a cue (which was the phrase "Who's there?")...she caught on VERY quickly. However, in "learning" to bark, she now startles the crud out of us at the most inopportune times by giving of 2-3 loud "alarm" barks. It *always* makes us jump!

    c) Walking along a sidewalk by herself...streaked with blood. LOL Not a problem because she is "curb-trained" (ie- won't step off of a curb until given the "okay" to do so...makes walks tedious when crossing streets, but it MUCH safer if she bolts out of the door and goes butt-tucking around the bolting into the street, even though we live at the end of a culdesac). Turns out, all I had to do for that one was walk on the *other* side of the street and, without giving a "stay" or "wait" command, she'd follow along...only on the opposite side of the street because I hadn't told her she could cross.

    I think those were all of them...other than scenes in sit-stay with kids hugging her (her favorite past-time, I swear).
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    Anyone else have fun things they had to teach their dogs for a "job?" It got me many fun things we've all had the chance to do, I would love to hear about them!

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    DefaultRe: Training for "jobs" (film, photo, etc.)

    How cool! I've never taught my dogs any "stupid dog tricks" but I've learned plenty of "stupid human tricks".
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