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    Defaultphoto shoot and obedience

    Today we had our photo shoot of Ali, Caleb's mom for a catalog. (I've mentioned it in the training journal.) What they needed her to do was a down stay with her head flat on the ground between her paws and balancing an ice bag on her head. So I worked on training her a "head down" command using a clicker. I had a week to train it and at first it seemed to be slow going as she kept just looking at me instead of offering the head down behavior but the last couple of days it seemed like she got it and last night I worked her with my other dogs wandering around for distractions.

    Well, it paid off and the photo shoot went really smoothly, in fact they said she was the easiest dog to work with than any other Labs they've used for photo shoots. They had allotted 3 hours and it took only one hour then we went to a park for them to photograph her outside with the fall foliage in case they want photos for future catalogs (which was a last minute decision since she was being so good and they had time allotted). Not only did she do great with her head down and the ice bag on her head (no ice in it) but then they also decided to dress her in a lab coat with safely goggles around her neck. I told them she would leave the goggles on, they were skeptical, but she did and they got some really cute photos that way, too. When I get some photos I'll post them but for now here is one the photographer took outside today. It was really fun (plus we get paid nicely!).
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    DefaultRe: photo shoot and obedience

    Sounds like fun!!! VERY cool about the photo shoot. I look forward to seeing the photos!

    ~Julie, Rogue, Monty, and Eddy~

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    DefaultRe: photo shoot and obedience

    I can't wait to see the pictures!!!!! Glad it went well.
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    DefaultRe: photo shoot and obedience

    What fun! Please remember to post the pictures. I'd love to see them.

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    DefaultRe: photo shoot and obedience

    What a great way to spend the day. That photo is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the others.
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