scenting in real life (NLR)
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Thread: scenting in real life (NLR)

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    Defaultscenting in real life (NLR)

    One of my training buddies just sent me a cute story about her Dobie. This dog has been having lots of issues in the ring. She completely shuts down due to stress. For example, on the article discremination she'll walk out to the pile then just stand there. She does them fine in practice but the show atmosphere causes a meltdown.

    My friend said she set her articles out to air after last night's training and must have accidently dropped one which landed in the bushes without her knowing. She called everyone from training to see if anyone found an extra article but no one had found one. Today, she was out in the yard and the dog was sniffing around in the bushes. The dog found the article and presented it to my friend with a perfect front. ;D

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    DefaultRe: scenting in real life (NLR)

    Aw, that is cute!

    I understand the melt down well. Ruger will just give up in the ring. I wish there were a fix for it. I think experience would help him through it, but shows are too few and far between here and I can't afford or take the time to travel to the ones farther away.

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    DefaultRe: scenting in real life (NLR)

    Lydia, that is too neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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    DefaultRe: scenting in real life (NLR)

    Proof that pups "get it" even when sometimes we think they don't.
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    DefaultRe: scenting in real life (NLR)

    I value those real life situations a lot! Hoss found one of the hunters hat opening day of the duck season this year. It earned him a cookie from the hunter!
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