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    I have two questions for Obedience

    1 what do you do with a dog that bumps you during heeling only on the "slow"?

    2 Amber tends to drop her head and be kinda slow goinng from the "front" to the "heel" positions during the finish. I want her head up and driving more as she goes around. Any thoughts, ideas, sugestions?


    Kelly and Amber

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    1. An old school fix for bumping is to put a prong collar on inside out (prongs facing out) around your leg. The dog learns pretty quickly to stay off of you.

    2. You use an ecollar right? It is perfect for getting quick finishes. Nick her as you give the finish command. Gradually start to add a slight delay between the command and the nick (heel..nick). The delay is going to motivate her to pick up the pace. She will get quicker as you increase the delay and assume she is "beating" the nick. I hope that makes sense. It's easier to demonstrate than to describe.


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