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    I heard that someone had a lesson with Mike the other night?! That is wonderful! So is he thinking about that OTCh now?!

    Will you two be at Golden Triangle?
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    DefaultRe: Betsy

    Susan - I think Terry realizes that an OTCH is at least something to consider. He and Shamrock have worked so well together and are getting better in my opinion. Also - it will be a while before Recon is ready and I asked Terry - what are you going to do until then? Might as well keep going with Shamrock - we are lucky because there are shows close enough to drive to and back in one day so that Doro is OK at home. I think Terry should keep going. We still have to work out the Agility question though - First it was no Agility until a UD, then a UDX. Don't know if I want to wait for an OTCH. I think Shamrock could earn a couple more Agility titles if we don't wait too long to go back. Terry really enjoyed his lesson with Mike.

    We're going to Sylvania - near Toledo rather than Golden Triangle. Its closer and we don't have to stay all night. We would have if we did Golden Triangle and since that would be 3 dogs and most likely two cars - it really wasn't a tough decision to choose Sylvania. Open B & Util B classes are quite large - someone will get some nice OTCH points. Would be nice if the points go to someone who can really use them. B
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