Can I put my agiltiy stuff here?
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Thread: Can I put my agiltiy stuff here?

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    DefaultCan I put my agiltiy stuff here?

    I hope so....
    we are having so much fun at classes. Monday will be our third, and I cannot wait.

    I introduced a toy (tug rope) last week, I didnt think he'd go for it but boy did he ever!

    The tunnel is by far my fav, we started the A frame a little last week to, and he did ok. Jumped off the side (very low) the first time. Im going to have a bit of trouble getting paws on the yellow. (sorry I dont know what its called yet)

    He wants to just run and jump off before he gets to the bottom. Good thing we have more classes for practice!

    All in all a good experience for us. Thanks for letting me ramble !

    Courtney, Bogey and Calli

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    Yep this is the place for agility too...aglity is darn addictive..glad you are having fun..

    By the way..the yellow area is the contact area...teaching contacts can be difficult..I have always done running contacts but with my latest dog we are teaching a 4 on contact performance..and I start teaching it on a flat board on the far Flyer is doing really well with it..*G*

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    Awesome! Sounds like you are laying good foundation training.

    Getting a paw in the yellow is called your Contacts. Lots of work to get those down so you are getting a 2 on 2 off correctly.

    Don't be overly concerned with your dog jumping off things in the beginning, they are learning the equipment and aren't confident yet. But it will come. Soon you will be doing the entire course and then you begin to focus on handler moves (which to me is the real challenge of agility).

    Yes, this is the place to post about agility!!

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    Have fun!

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