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    DefaultFound you!

    So, apparently the forum moved when I wasn't looking - plus I took a bit of a hiatus in the first place.

    If anyone remembers the crazed lab by the name of Zeke - that's us. I don't remember when I last posted, but at some point this past fall I showed Zeke twice in agility.

    Show 1) Completed all courses, did not run away. No Qs because he was annoyingly slow and not actually paying attention.
    Show 2) Completed no more than 4 obstacles per course. Left the ring every time. <-----his usual modus operandi

    He's seven years old now and still can't concentrate and thus has been permanently retired (he can't do off-lead Rally either). He is also retired because I currently can't handle him because I injured my back last October and my sciatic nerve is still inflamed 9 mos later. Boo!

    Other dogs are doing well. Lucy (50% lab, 50% english setter) had a bout of cancer last August and it came back again this June. She ended up having surgery to remove it the day after her 12th birthday and is now doing fine.
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    Welcome back. I've wondered how Zeke was doing. I always loved your videos of him doing agility!!

    Hope your back gets to feeling better.

    My Remington sounds a lot like Zeke. But we were fortunate enough to hold it together at our spring trial to get our first AKC Standard Novice Q with a 1st place!! We may never do it again, but it sure is fun to try. Remington is only two years old, so we can try for a few more years

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    Good to hear from you - so sorry about your back - that's a real bummer in more ways than one. While Emilu and I have gotten a little further than you and Zeke, I'm thinking that her show days might be numbered also - after getting our RAE, if we can't progress in Open , she is probably done with obedience - we'll see....

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