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    I was wondering if it might be a good idea to enter Open B on a saturday and then Utility A the next day, as a way of doing an Utility debut? I know its a waste of moneyfor an extra open leg, but I was thinking it might help a dogs confidence in doing Utility if they had success in the ring at the same trial the day before? I know if Amber gets stressed out, asking her to do simple stuff she knows how to do really well helps reduce her stress. I see confidence and stress as the biggest problems in Utility and adding a new show site to that might be too much for some dogs?
    Does this seem like a reasonable thing, or am I just over thinking it?

    Kelly and Amber
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    Well, not that we've been that successful in Open, and I have a feeling we'll never see the inside of a Utility ring (not Emilu and me), I think your idea sounds like a good one.

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    It certainly doesn't hurt, it's more practice for you in the ring. I'd say give it a go

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    When I was working on Caleb's UD I had him in Open. It really did help his confidence.
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