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    Defaultagility classes this week...

    Well if I do say so myself my boys had some good agility classes this week..

    Last week Flyer hit a bar and then didn't want to jump again although eventually he did so we worked on it over the weekend..and this week he was doing 4 obstacles sequences including a 4 jump sequence..*G*..

    Then Robbie and Cedar had their class..we were working on some difficult handling/discrimination sequences on a course .. the first was a jump with bascially a U turn to the A frame with a tunnel under the A frame with the opening between the jump and A my tunnel suck dogs had to pass up the tunnel and get tot eh A frame..Cedar did it correctly every time..Robbie went in the tunnel a couple of times but then was doing it great..

    our next sequence was astraight sequence with a jump at the ent with another U turn to the dog walk to the chute on the other side of the dog walk (with a jump trap right off the dog walk) boys are so fast it I can't get down to do a front cross so I can get to the other side and if I do a rear cross I can't get to the end to direct them to the we figured out because they have good sends I could send them out to the jump and circle to the dog walk while I was still 1/2 way down the dog walk so I could beat them to the end to direct them in the right direction..

    Our last sequence was 2 jumps with a U turn front cross to the Aframe and then wrapping them into the tunnel .. the boys did really well with that one..

    all the boys had a good class...I was quite happy with their work..

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    Hard to me to follow all that stuff, since I don't do agility - but if you're happy, then I'm happy for you!

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