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    DefaultPuppy Training .... :)

    Oh wow, that's all I can say. It's beginning to happen. I never thought I'd have the kind of attention and enthusiasm out of Remington that I wanted, but all of a sudden I've got it and he's wonderful. He's doing little heeling patterns with his head slightly tipped up at me, eyes on me, big ole goofy-assed grin on his face and he just bounces along. Man, I'm loving this. I am going to work really really hard to keep up this enthusiasm on his part.

    I'm worried about Pre-Novice. But tonight we did a small heeling pattern, recall, stand for exam, down stay and sit stay, and he handled them all very well. A couple of sloppy wide sits but I circled him beside me to reposition him and he sat nicely. I think at the match I'm going to have to give him a few extra commands, but that's okay. I don't expect him to get this perfectly, he's still a pup

    Now, on to Ruger. I worked him on articles again. He went out the first time and did the same ole stand at the pile and reluctant to take anything. I didn't let him be wrong. I went out there and I corrected him with a collar correction (I hold up on his collar while driving him toward the article, which really psychic him out and he really drives at it). One correction and he was good to go.

    Unfortunately the next time I sent him, one of my barn cat's thought he was coming after her, so she ran, and of course Ruger took chase, and of course I screamed at him with a hint of panic in my voice (he was heading toward the horse pasture and my horse would kill a dog if she could get at it). He dropped immediately (GOOD BOY). But then when I sent him to the pile the next time he was actually slinking... so we had to make a fun game of that go.. Did it again, and he worked the pile like a champ. Did about nine sends altogether and seeing him work that pile was BEAUTIFUL. He knows this exercise.

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    DefaultRe: Puppy Training .... :)

    Linda, that is wonderful about both boys! I am sooooooooooooooo glad to hear the Ruger is back working his articles.

    One thing I do with Caleb is if he needs more corrections I will take the scented article move away from the line of the pile and correct him there a couple of times and then send him back to the pile to work. I don't want to do a lot of corrections at the pile so it remains a fun place to be.

    Man I can just see that cat running and Ruger right after! Glad he stopped! Not sure Caleb would have! :
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    DefaultRe: Puppy Training .... :)

    Sounds like everything is falling into place!

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    DefaultRe: Puppy Training .... :)

    I bet Remington looks like a doll prancing around. I love to watch puppies strut their stuff. ;D

    I'm really glad to hear that Ruger is working articles again. Something else you can use to boost his confidence is to change the article pile significantly. I'll place the articles in a straight line...parallel or perpendicular to us. I'll make a T or an X or a really big O. I'll set articles way outside the pile. I'll spread all of the articles way out or I'll place them very close together. All of this helps build the dogs confidence. When he can get thru that you can up the distractions. Those silly little talking/moving toys (ie the monkey that bangs the cymbals, or the parrot that sings "tequila", etc) are PERFECT for distractions. Set them around or even in the pile and have Ruger work. I also have people sit in or very near the pile.

    Here is the monkey I'm talking about.



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