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    DefaultHe Remembers!

    I finally got an opportunity to work my dogs today. Ruger did everything with a smile on his face. His heeling was sharp. Signals were good but he anticipated the sit. Took it easy on him and sent him to glove #2. He did a nice pivot and got the glove with out problems. Sent him to glove #3 as well... and he did it but did hesitate to glance around over the gating. Scent articles, I had ALL my articles out in the pile (two sets) He got the leather one without hesitation. The metal one took a bit of help Go outs were great and I didn't even use cheese on the staunchion or go out to point at it. I just sat him and revved him up and sent him.

    I think he was happy to be working... away from Remington

    After I worked with Ruger I worked with Remington. We are doing Sandra Ladwigs method right now of maneuvering and flexibility. Rems is doing well. In fact, he can back at my side already (something I had a devil of a time teaching to Ruger). I like her methods for working with puppies. It's food motivation and lots of fun and the corrections are fair. Rems has quite a bit of animation working with me at this point and I hope I can keep his enthusiasm level up.

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    DefaultRe: He Remembers!

    That sounds like a really good training day. Attitude is everything in this game. ;D

    I'm taking long breaks with Murray right now (about a week in between training sessions so he doesn't get burnt out...like me). We'll pick up the pace in Aug to prepare for the Sept shows.

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    DefaultRe: He Remembers!

    That is great Linda! May be having some competition for your time is also working in your favor with Ruger!
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