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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Daisy Okas
    Date: June 19, 2007 Phone: 212-696-8343


    New York, NY - In February and March of 2007, the American Kennel Club
    conducted a survey of purebred dog fanciers on the topic of possibly creating a
    mixed breed listing service and allowing them to compete in certain AKC events.
    The purpose of the survey was to gather input from the core constituency
    regarding this concept and to pinpoint areas requiring additional research.

    AKC presented the results of the survey at the quarterly Delegate meeting on
    June 11, 2007. Following is a summary of key results.

    Respondent Demographic Information
    AKC sought survey feedback from AKC Delegates, AKC Club Presidents and
    Secretaries, and other fanciers who were notified by their Club President,
    Secretary or via www.akc.org. In total over 21,000 people completed the survey.

    General Demographics:
    * 84% Purebred Dog Owners
    * 70% Exhibitors
    * 50% Club Member
    * 76% now own, or have owned, a mixed breed dog

    Sport Participation:
    * Over 50% have been involved in the sport for 16 or more years
    * Over 60% currently compete in Conformation or have in the past
    * Over 50% currently compete in Agility or have in the past
    * Nearly 70% currently compete in Obedience or have in the past
    * Approximately 63% have competed in events sponsored by other organizations
    (reasons included enjoyment of atmosphere, obtaining additional titles,
    convenient location and competing with mixed breeds)

    Club Affiliation:
    * 51% belong to Specialty Clubs
    * 34% belong to All-Breed Clubs
    * 33% belong to Obedience Clubs
    * 31% belonged to Agility Clubs
    * 64% belonged to clubs already offering at least some training classes for
    mixed breed dogs
    Likely Program Parameters
    Based on survey results and general comments that we have received, we have
    developed a list of likely parameters that an AKC Mixed Breed program would

    Listing Service:
    * Mixed breed dogs would be listed or enrolled, not registered
    * Within AKC systems, mixed breed dogs would be identified as "mixed breed,"
    not a specific hybrid combination
    * Mixed breed dogs would only be eligible for Agility, Obedience, Rally and

    * Clubs would have the option to offer mixed breed classes. They would not
    be required to offer mixed breed classes
    * Mixed breed dogs must be spayed or neutered to compete
    * Mixed breed dogs would not be eligible to compete at the Agility/Obedience
    National Championships or at the Agility/Obedience Invitational
    * Mixed breed dogs must compete in separate classes*
    *When introducing the concept of this program, AKC staff assumed there would
    only be support for mixed breed dogs competing in separate classes, however
    survey results show that a majority support combined classes. Therefore, we
    are continuing to consider both options.

    Interest in Offering Mixed Breed Program
    Percent agreeing with the statement: "AKC clubs should have the option to
    offer classes for mixed breeds at their Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Agility
    * 65% of current AKC constituents (including 65% of Delegates, 67% of
    exhibitors, 58% of judges, 65% of club members and 60% of officers).
    * Over 50% of those currently or formerly participating in all event
    categories (including participants in non-mixed-breed-* Over 50% of those currently
    or formerly participating in all eve

    Overall Opinions About Potential Mixed Breed Program
    Following are the percent agreeing with the subsequent opinion statements
    about a mixed breed program:
    * 84%: clubs may gain revenue by adding mixed breed classes to their events
    * 78%: mixed breed dog owners would be a potential source of new members
    * 75%: mixed breed competition increases opportunities for fanciers who now
    own mixed and purebred dogs
    * 74%: mixed breed competition would not negatively impact public opinion of
    purebred vs. mixed breed dogs
    * 69%: a mixed breed listing service would help AKC expand its message to a
    larger audience
    * 69%: kennel clubs should serve all dog owners
    * 69%: representing all dogs would improve AKC's legislative influence
    * 63%: mixed breed program will lead to people without breeding/exhibiting
    experience joining clubs and influencing policy making
    * 61%: education/competiti* 61%: education/competition may encourage
    mixed breed owners to
    * 60%: program would improve AKC's overall image
    * 52% felt that initiating a mixed breed program would be a change in AKC
    * 47% mixed breed program will lead to animal rights activists joining clubs
    and influencing policy making

    Opinions About Mixed Breed Program Specifics
    Title Eligibility:
    Of those agreeing clubs should have the option to offer mixed breed classes,
    which titles should AKC allow mixed breeds to earn in Companion Events?
    * 35%: mixed breeds should earn title equivalents but with different (mixed
    breed) designations (such as M-CD vs. CD)
    * 31%: titles should be exactly the same
    * 17%: mixed breeds should have equivalent titles with different (mixed
    breed) designations, excluding OTCH, MACH and CT.
    * 14%: same titles as purebreds, excluding OTCH, MACH and CT

    Held in Conjunction with What Events:
    Of those agreeing clubs should have the option to offer mixed breed classes,
    the classes should be offered with Companion Events held in conjunction with:
    * 92%: standalone obedience and/or rally trials
    * 92%: standalone agility trials
    * 86%: standalone tracking tests
    * 39%: all-breed conformation shows*
    * 31%: regional and local specialties
    * 23%: national specialties (when All-Breed Companion Events are held)
    *Approximately 20% of agility events and 70% of Obedience/Rally events are
    held in conjunction with a conformation event. Excluding mixed breed events
    from conformation events would significantly limit possible venues.

    Class Eligibility:
    Of those agreeing that clubs should have the option to offer mixed breed
    * 70%: mixed breeds and purebreds should compete in the same classes
    * 55%: mixed breeds and purebreds should compete separately
    Note that total exceeds 100% due to the fact that each of these statements
    was presented separately.

    The AKC will continue to keep Delegates and the fancy apprised on the
    progress of this program. Questions and additional feedback can be submitted at any
    time to [email protected]_ (mailto:[email protected]) .

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    I'm actually surprised that some of the favorable responses were such a high percentage. I talked to a number of AKC competitors and most did not want to see AKC include mix breeds. These were mostly conformation people. The obedience people were about 50/50. I myself still have mixed feelings about this. I love competing with mixed breeds in many venues and feel if your dog is trained, they should be allowed to compete BUT AKC was meant to be a purebred dog registration so I don't know what role mixes will have. Will AKC change their mission statement to "promoting the sport of purebred dogs and mixes whenever it suits our purpose or lines our wallets." I know this change is being brought about because of $ and .01. One only has to look at the things the AKC has tried to do in the past year to realize they are hurting for money and trying to find it anywhere they can.

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    Lydia, I share the same sentiments as you and I completed the survey and voted against mixed breed dogs competing at AKC events. There are venues specificially FOR mixed breed dogs (NADAC, USDAA, etc). I agree wholeheartedly that AKC was built on the "sport of the purebred dog".

    I have owned mixed breeds myself. I don't have a problem with folks getting an ILP on a dog and competing as long as the dog looks like the breed representation. I myself compete with Magnum that way.


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