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    DefaultNLR - sophie's training update - wee brags

    -I've started cycling with her, and Tuesday night was cool enough for a longer ride through one of our ravine wilderness parks. We passed a large group of people (walked her through that), two dogs on leash (at a slow pace) and coming around a corner, we confronted a bold wild bunny - and although Soph really wanted to say hello, she listened to my "Steady, steady on" and didn't yank the bike from underneath me, even as we passed the bunny as it sat 3 feet off the path. We've started adding short sprints on our bike rides too.

    -we're at week 3 of our beginner's agility course, and have started longer and longer sequences. Last night we started front crossing over a single jump (sending her over a jump, calling her back around the wing, and then resending on the opposite hand) - once I got over my uncoordination, Soph did just super. We finished the class with a sequence of 6 with one turn, and even after she missed one jump and headed for the off course tunnel, I was able to call her back, stop her from grabbing my pant leg by getting her to sit, then redirecting over the jump and the final two obstacles.

    Our biggest challenges are going to be keeping her out of tunnels and stopping her from grabbing at me when I get confused or am too slow on commands.. dang border collies with their control issues!

    She'll be a year old this month.. we're hoping to be ready for her first CPE trial in October.

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    DefaultRe: NLR - sophie's training update - wee brags

    She really sounds wonderful! Keep it up sophie! Would love to see a picture of her.
    Sharon, loved by Moose & Sky


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