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    DefaultAn Overheard Conversation.....

    Ruger -- "Hey, little bro, your trying way too hard out there."

    Rem -- "Yeah, yeah, it's getting fun, Tunnels, tunnels, man, tunnels are GREAT."

    Ruger -- "Trust me kid, the harder you try, the more mom's gonna make you do."

    Rem -- "Cool! I'm liking it. Tunnels, WOW, I'm loving those crazy Tunnels!!"

    Ruger -- "Dude, chill. You're an idiot in those tunnels, don't you hear people laughing. Mom's gonna soon reach right in there and drag you out by your hind legs like a breech birth cow!"

    Rem -- "Tunnels are fun, Tunnels, Tunnels, go Tunnel! I love Tunnels."

    Magnum -- "Hey both of you cut it out. Remys, if you don't do tunnels right... Ruger if you don't run faster and do the weaves, mom's going to get another dog that will, a little dog, a little white fluffy dog that I can play with, cause Mom told me that. So there!

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    Oh you two boys had better shape up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    LOL!! I know it must be frustrating for you Linda, but I LOVE Remington's little tunnel obsession. Makes me smile whenever I read about it.

    It reminds me of something Baloo would do. He LOVES the chute, and one time rocketed through so fast he pulled the chute material off the barrel. He was stuck in it, writhing and bucking like crazy. I was horrified, thought for sure he'd be traumatized forever. I got to him and finally was able to free him. Instead of finding him terrified and upset he looked up at me, grinned, wagged his tail and charged back into the chute I had just freed him from.

    I just love these goofy black labbie boys. They're the bestest.
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