had fun at the agility (videos)
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Thread: had fun at the agility (videos)

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    Defaulthad fun at the agility (videos)

    seminar today..Got some good work in with Robbie and learned a few things..

    #1..I'm using his name waaayyyy to much..tho thinking back on it because he has a tendency to run off I've tried to stop that by calling him to get his attention before he runs off...he is running off much less so I need to stop that...

    #2...While my front crosses and rear crosses start out pretty good my follow through is bad..so I need to finish the moves too..

    #3..We have good lateral movement and distance..Barb Davis like my little guy over all..*G**G*..

    A couple of videos from today..I'm the big lump..and the little guy not always doing what I ask is Robbie..LOL..

    Robbie being Robbie..I think Barb called it a little Spanielitis..LOL

    This is the last run we had that day..I was trying something we had learned on the teeter for teaching small dogs the teeter..and I didn't quite do it but then didn't set us up well for the weaves..

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    DefaultRe: had fun at the agility (videos)

    He's a quick little guy. ;D

    Luv the first video. I think Robbie has ADD. Look...a rock. Hmm...what's that smell. Oh look another rock. ;D

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    DefaultRe: had fun at the agility (videos)

    Robbie reminds me of Zeke....only Zeke has worse "ADD" and doesn't come back :P
    Zeke RN, agility miscreant and CGC failure

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    DefaultRe: had fun at the agility (videos)

    He's a cutie pie. And I love the guy that comes out to rake the course behind you. I sure could use him around my farm

    Looks like you had a good time at the seminar.


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