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    Finally, Zeke showed what he can do in PUBLIC.

    Today we went to a beginners agility class so I could work with Zeke in the presence of other dogs (2 english cockers, a BC/GSD, a greyhound, and a standard poodle). The instructor had a semi-difficult (I guess? I don't have too much experience judging difficulty of courses :P) set up and we were doing little parts of it separately. Zeke had a few "moments" but they were generally least he never started zooming around like a deranged energizer bunny. The worst he did was get distracted and walk around deliberate "catch me if you can, loser!" stuff. People were surprised that their dogs who were paying perfect attention couldn't hit one of the weave entries (it was like a 150degree angle going into a corner and Zeke, who wasn't always even looking where he was going....hit the entries perfectly :P

    At the end of class the instructor had a woman with a AKC Excellent level english cocker run the entire course, and on a whim she allowed Zeke to do it too (since technically, he CAN do it when he's not acting up).

    And...HE DID IT. It was a LONG course and he ACED it. His only mistake was taking the wrong end of the tunnel.....but that was a pretty difficult discrimination (posting my drawing so you can see what I mean).

    Zeke RN, agility miscreant and CGC failure

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    DefaultRe: Agility Lesson

    Sounds like it was a good session..congrats

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    DefaultRe: Agility Lesson

    How fun!
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    DefaultRe: Agility Lesson

    That's great! I love your diagrams too


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