Ambers first official 2 year old measurement
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Thread: Ambers first official 2 year old measurement

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    DefaultAmbers first official 2 year old measurement

    Yeah!! we went to a local show and had an AKC rep measure Amber. I wasn't entered in the show so I just took her there and to the park next door and ran her and ran her. We did probably 150 retrieves in 2 hours. not those little short retrieves but me throwing a bumper as far as I could . We did like 25 at a time and then went and soaked her at the pool and hose in the dog park then another 25 and back to the pool and hose. In between we walked through out the entire show time over time. Amber didn't get to lay down or sit for nealy 5 hours...and neither did I!!!
    I talked to the rep when I got there and told her what I was doing and she told me to go ahead and wear her out and she would be easier to measure. She even petted amber for a while while we were talking so she would be calmer when she got measured.
    Durring the measurment She told me to take my hands off Amber so she would relax. The Rep was very helpful!

    Oh yeah Amber measured out at .......21 and 7/8ths..We are in the 20" class I just need one more official measurement. Yeah we get to run with the BC's....wait thats not a good oh well Amber can run almost as fast as a BC... well a normal BC not those hyper BC's..

    Kelly and Amber

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    DefaultRe: Ambers first official 2 year old measurement

    Too bad all the BCs here are hyper :P That's great that she measured into 20 though! It's hard to place even in 24 anyways, because there are plenty of BCs and two really insanely awesome Weims, so it's good to have lower jumps ;D


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