Weekend Results--more of the same
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Thread: Weekend Results--more of the same

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    Well, two more NQ's in Utility again. BUT, his signals are getting better and I did not have to hold my down signal so long. He is still a bit slow going down but he's getting there. One day our moving stand was wonderful, today he moved to see the judge--a lady! Such a lady's man : :P Saturday he just ran around on the go outs and finally sat inbetween the jumps. Today on the second go out I was able to get him out to touch the gates and then he did a real nice sit and nice jump. He dropped the scent article once each day and I actually had a no sit on Saturday. Lost nothing on the gloves each day (having #2 and #3 repecitvely). I guess it's getting there.

    Open was not too hot even though we were still in the 190's each day and took fourth place today (behind three Goldens Surprise!). His heeling seems to be getting worse. The drop today was very slow and he ticked the jump coming back both days. Now, he did not in Utility today nor on the way out each day.
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    DefaultRe: Weekend Results--more of the same

    Caleb...we're going to super glue your feet, young man. Moving stand does not mean that YOU get to move.

    It is so frustrating. I've been there so many times where all the parts are there but trying to get the moon and stars to align so all the pieces appear on the SAME day seems impossible.

    My friends are trying to convince me to show one last time this season in June. Not only would it be an "away" trial, it is in June...in AZ! Even if I thought Murray COULD do it, I don't know if he would. I told them Murray won't show any more until after boot camp this summer. I'm stickin' to my guns on this one.

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    DefaultRe: Weekend Results--more of the same

    Susan - I am disappointed for you. I know how hard you have been working. Terry too. I know he was disappointed on Saturday. Shamrock was so close and then to blow it on the go-outs for a second time. I know he was bummed. Yesterday go outs were great - but he missed the 2nd article. Why - who knows. If its any consolation, even the UDXers with many legs have bad days. Fred Hulme's pup TC missed a stay yesterday and I've got to think, that dog knows what stay is. You and Caleb and Terry & Shamrock will have a UD soon I just know it. B
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