Friday's and Saturday's Trial
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Thread: Friday's and Saturday's Trial

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    DefaultFriday's and Saturday's Trial

    :'( Ok well the good news is we went to the trial and on both I was told I handled everything very well. Only one point off for handler error. Magnum on the other hand. had problems on Friday with the recall and the sit stay. Saturday Magnum managed to finally finish the recall.and saved a D"Q there, but once again he couldn't handle the sit stay. (on problems with the down stay though on either day). We did have fun though and I guess we'll try again on May 6/07. It's at our home trial and he has been to a correction match in the building already. Maybe that will help.

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    DefaultRe: Friday's and Saturday's Trial

    Gee, I hope the next one goes better for you!
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    DefaultRe: Friday's and Saturday's Trial

    That is too bad. On Friday there were 4 people competing in Novice Obed. A and only 1 person Q'd. 2 dogs ran out of the ring and 1 dog pee'd During the open down stays, 1 dog broke before they even walked away. You'll get it next time! I'm glad to hear you had a good time.
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