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    We're making progress Still only doing "straight" sequences at home, but we're doing turns in class. We did have 6 weave polls, but one broke so we're down to five now! Once it's warmer I'll feel motivated to make 9 or 10 more.

    Oh, and you'll want to mute your computers right about now, before you click that video

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    He's doing well. He seems to have very good focus. I also liked his weave pole entrance. One thing I would say is that I would personally not practice five weave poles too often. I would be concerned that with lots of repetition he may start popping out at number 5. My dog Maddie had a terrible time with weave poles. We would pop out at five and at 10. I have worked on this problem and it seems better but it is still a place in competition that I worry if she is going to do them correctly. I also teach an agility class at our club. Weaves are by far the most difficult obstacle for a dog to learn and they constantly need to be worked on.


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