2 more RAE legs
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    Default2 more RAE legs

    Well, we got to more RAE legs for a total 6 now. I'm planning it so we can hopefully get our title at our show this fall. Emilu didn't actually score too badly - but I wasn't at all pleased with her performances. She got a 94 - 2nd place in EXB Sat, and perked up a little for a 98 in ADB for a 1st place. Then today, she got a 94 again for 3rd place (tied for second but she was dreadfully slow), then a 97 for another third place. We had to redo a station each day because she just wasn't paying attention. I don't know what I'm going to do with her. I actually restorted to bribing her with promises of "biscuits" and "walks" during our runs! There was a little corgi who's owner actually excused themselves during their Ex run because he was screwing around, then when they came back for Ad, he got a 100! I thought to myself, "bet they had a little "come to Jesus" talk between runs, and sure enough - that's what happened
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    Congrats on the 2 legs!!
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    Congrats on the two legs! Sure was fun seeing you again!
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