Well, that was quick!
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Thread: Well, that was quick!

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    DefaultWell, that was quick!

    I ordered two dumbells and some ring gating from J and J yesterday afternoon. It was here in Michigan by 2:00 today! That's just a little too easy for a impulsive shopper like me. I wonder what else I can get immediate gratification from when shopping from them? Hmmmmmm, last time I went to their web site, I put everything in the cart I wanted, the total came to more than $4,000. I could have added more too, if I got all the sgility equipement I wanted! (I quickly unloaded the cart however!)

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    DefaultRe: Well, that was quick!

    They are fast. I ordered a tracking harness for Caleb from them in Sept. It was here in NJ within a couple of days.


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