Ambers Weekend So Far
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    DefaultAmbers Weekend So Far

    Well I am really thinking that Obedience is much easier for her than Agility. On Friday and Saturday we did agility, she held her startline stays on Friday and for Standard on Saturday but broke on JWW (open) just need one more leg!! Her contacts were there but she wasn't holding them on Saturday and was a bit more over the top.
    Today we did Obedience for a change of pace and she had a 194.5 in Open A for a 1st place and her 4th leg (I had already entered this day and one more 2 day show in a 2 weekends as back ups).
    Tomorrow we are trying agility again all I want is one Open jumpers leg so we can get out of She is finally jumping and moving well again for the first time sincde she injured her elbow 14 months ago.

    Kelly and Amber
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    DOgs are all so different - maybe she does prefer obedience eh?
    she's lucky to have a handler who can go both ways

    I wish I could get pleasure out of obedience - I haven't for years though

    glad you are having a good weekend so far


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    Congrats on the Open A win and the bumper leg. Good luck today with agility.
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    Linda, Kona and Bo

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    Congratulations on your win and doing great in Obedience. That is my venue of choice and get real excited when you see someone getting hooked believe it or not some dogs just jive off of obedience...way to go to the both of you!!!

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