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Thread: OK, can someone help?

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    DefaultOK, can someone help?

    What time is Rally Novice A?

    Saturday: http://www.infodog.com/jps/1304/jpg1304.html


    Sunday: http://www.infodog.com/jps/1305/jpg1305.htm

    We are # 12...any clues?

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    DefaultRe: OK, can someone help?

    It looks like it will start right after the judge's lunch if they take one ("to follow" means class can't start before noon).

    Right now (if everything stays on schedule) it looks like the Adv class will end around 11:55 (that includes awards). If the judge is taking a 45 min lunch she'll be done around 12:40. The course will probably already be set during that time so the walk thru will begin as soon as the judge returns. If the judge doesn't take lunch you'll probably start at noon.

    I hate "to follow" class times.

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    DefaultRe: OK, can someone help?

    I was thinking that novice A would be readly to start by 12:30 on Saturday but the judge will take a lunch before so probably be 1:00 and Novice A would start at 12:15 on Sunday but judge will probably take a lunch so then 12:45 or so. I would get there by at least 12 on the first day but I don't mind being early. And always be aware of time zone changes if they apply. I made that mistake once driving to Arizona from California, I didn't know that in the fall Arizona is 1 hour ahead of California. Luckily I had enough extra time.

    Kelly and Amber


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