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    How do I teach Gabby to watch me?

    We play a game where I hold a treat in both hands in front of her, but she doesn't get the treat until she looks at my face. I don't have any other ideas than that, though.

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    That's a great place to start. Now try putting the treat behind your back. She'll watch the treat go away but she will eventually look back up to your face. Praise and treat her. Gradually increase the time you ask her to look at you. Once you have a consistant watch while sitting, try to heel. Take it one step at a time. Take one step with attention, praise and treat. Now try 2 steps, praise and treat, and so on.

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    I took a class with my little dog, Stella, called "focused attention." I thought it would be learning for her to look at me all the time. Nope. It was a class to make ME more interesting for her to look at! You have to figure what turns your dog on and then do it a lot to make yourself so interesting that your dog will want to look at you. Cool concept, huh?


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