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Thread: Crazy excited!

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    DefaultCrazy excited!

    I have a seven month old black lab. Right now we live in an apartment which is in a city in. The area I take her for walks doesn't have a lot of people around, and our families and friends live in different cities so we don't get visitors very often. Because of this, Raider becomes almost unhandlable when she is around other people. She wants to jump on them and won't stop, if we try to hold her back, she pretty much just runs in place. We are trying to make a point to take her with us when we visit family, but we end up having to hold her the whole time because we have lots of little kids in our families, and Raider just jumps on them. She eventually calms down after about 10 minutes if you just let her run and do her thing, but we can't let her do that b/c people don't like the way she acts when she is being her crazy self. It's also hard b/c we live in a cold state, -14 degrees today, so we can't take her to the dog park to run around and meet people there. It's frusterating b/c she is such a good dog when she's home with the two of us, but no one else gets to see her like that b/c she is so crazy around other people. Anybody have any suggestions on what we can do to calm her down.

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    DefaultRe: Crazy excited!

    training class/working with a trainer. If you're going to take her in public, she needs public manners. Obedience classes are a good way to get there.

    Also, the dogs don't care if it's -14f. Get some coveralls, long underwear, etc, and go exercise her before taking her places (believe me, i hate cold weather, but i'm out there with them). Then bring treats with you, and mark/reward any behavior that is positive when out in public.


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