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    Well my intro agility classes went pretty good...only ended up with 7 dogs so will end up combining the classes into one..I usually try to keep the classes to 6 but I couldn't seen doing 2 classes for only 1 more dog..however by the end of the 2nd class he had rain freezing on the metal fence..brrrrrrrrrr.. so was quite happy to be able to move inside for our shaping class..

    Shaping class was very interesting.. the first hour we did it without our dogs working in groups of 2 one person was the trainer and one was the dog..the trainer had to shape the "dog"s behavior..we were working with one time I had to figure out that she wanted me to raise the box over my head and drop just the clicks and then we had to do with or real dogs.. I tried shaping him to put a foot on a skateboard...I never got a foot on the skateboard but I got him touching it and standing over I tried getting him to step into a box..we got 1 foot in a box, 2 feet in a box..3 feet in a box..and it took awhile but eventually got all 4 feet in the box..they took a pic of him so hopefully they will send that to me so I can post it...The caption should read "You can teach an old dog a new trick"... as he was easily the oldest dog there..most of the others were probably under 2 years old..*G*

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    DefaultRe: Classes today..

    Sounds like a fun class!

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    DefaultRe: Classes today..

    Sounds good!
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