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    Well like my dad always says "Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades." Gotta luv my dad.

    Murray was so awesome in obedience today. I really thought today would be our day. It was a small show, at a park we train at regularly. It was quiet, it was cool enough for the dogs (warm enough for the human). In other words it was PERFECT!

    The heeling pattern for signals odd. We went up the center of the ring 3 times. I could hear Murray panting as he pranced along beside me thru the entire heeling pattern until we did the about turn for the 3rd time down the center. Suddenly it grew "vewy vewy quiet" and there wasn't a rabbit to be seen Mr. Fudd. I glanced down to see where Murray was. He was still heeling with me. ;D The judge was on the other side of me and he said "oh ye of little faith." I giggled. We did the final about turn/stand your dog. Signals went well. When the judge said exercise finished I explained that I had to peek at Murray on the heeling because he sounded like a freight train on most of the pattern then suddenly it got quiet. I wasn't sure if I lost him or if he dropped dead. The judge laughed.

    Articles were awesome. Murray is getting quicker and more confident. Gotta work on fronts and finishes but really those are the least of my worries as long as he does them.

    Gloves - we got #1. YEA! He dropped it on the way back > ...but he picked it up again ;D ...and shook it off real good > I wouldn't get my hand dirty when I took it. ;D My silly sissy boy.

    Moving Stand was picture perfect.

    Then to our nemesis...directed jumping. Would last weeks correction at the match pay off? Murray did his first go out straight to the center stancion, turn and sat. YEA!!!!! Success!!!! The judge called the bar jump. Murray jumped it beautifully. We set up for the next go out. Murray goes out straight to the center stancion, turns and sits but not perfectly straight. YEA!!! I'll take it. Two in a row! I'm feeling pretty good right about now. The judge calls the high jump and...Murray takes the bar jump again. > BOOO!!!! That's the direction he was facing ever so slightly. It was a heartbreaker. The collective groan from the crowd was powerful. They were really hoping we would pass. It's nice to have all this support.

    Our final scores were:

    Signals 36/40 (heeling/fronts/finishes)
    Article #1 28.5/30 (fronts/finishes)
    Article #2 28.5/30 (fronts/finishes)
    Gloves 27/30 (drop/kill the glove)
    Moving Stand 29.5/30
    Directed Jumping NQ

    I was so proud of Murray today. I wanted the sits on the go outs and we got them. We are so close now. Our next show is next weekend. No obedience at this show tomorrow. Meghan will be doing Rally Adv B and competing with the big boys tomorrow. ;D

    Our debut in Open Agility was terrible. The jumpers course was first. It was a jump to a triple. I had Murray's undivided attention...until I stepped foot in the ring. He immediately saw someone or something outside the ring that captured his attention. I knew we were in trouble then. He took the first jump then veered off. It took me 5, YES 5 tries to get him over the triple. : He actually thought about jumping between the wing and the stancion. The rest of the course went down hill from there. He was running around jumps, popping out of the weaves...basically doing whatever he wanted. After about 5-6 obstacles I walked off the course without him. He followed me like "mom, where ya goin'?" I was POd so I put him in his crate without speaking to him.

    Next was open standard. He was much better. He was much more attentive. I screwed up the course. It was easy to get lost and I took my eye off the course one time and that's all she wrote. It took awhile to get my bearings back but Murray weaved beautifully the first time. ;D I was very happy. Everything else was just cake. He knocked a bar and had a refusal or 2 (he slid off the table of all things...never done that before) so no Q but I was pleased we got the weaves. We'll take our successes where we can get them.

    We were in Nov FAST. : It should have been called slow. What a disaster. I hate gamblers so I have no idea how I let my trainer talk me into doing this class. I can't think on my feet. Give me a course and I'll run it. If it changes midway, we're screwed. Murray popped his contact on the aframe (in the distance challenge) so no bonus so I'm frantically figuring points in my mind to see if we can even make the min points now and I lost Murray. He took a jump to a tunnel instead of the teeter where I wanted him to go. No problem, I'll just call him back to the teeter. Well they had these coffee cans with 4' PVC poles in the middle to hold up the signs with the point values. These were right next to every obstacle except the teeter. It was between the teeter and tunnel. Murray found this new toy quite interesting. He ran up to it and poked it with his nose. It rocked so he started doing his best May Flower Pole dance around it. I'm yelling "Murray Here. Murray Here! MURRAY!!!!" all the while he's dancing around the pole. I finally got right up to his ear and screamed MURRAY! The judge cracked up. I said "apparently we're having a blonde moment." We finished the course with 25 pts and the fault so no Q.

    We'll try all 3 games again tomorrow. It can only get better...right? Please tell me it only gets better.

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    DefaultRe: So Close

    It can only get better...right? Please tell me it only gets better.
    Absolutely!!!! I was groaning with the crowd on that last jump. What a googball!! Have fun tomorrow and run well. Good luck to your daughter also.
    "In moments of joy all of us wished we possessed a tail we could wag." W. H. Auden

    Linda, Kona and Bo

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    DefaultRe: So Close

    You tell the best stories!!

    I don't know which part is my favorite: The May Pole Dance, or the Disappearing Freight Train!

    Connie and "The Boys":
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    Simon, d.b.a. Flat Coated Retriever, CGC, RE, CD

    Gone ahead, but forever in my heart:
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    DefaultRe: So Close

    Well, you had me laughing and groaning to!

    Hopefully he'll do better this next time. They can be such big lugs at times, but ya gotta love them. Sounds like you are really close on Utility though. Good luck in agility today!

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    DefaultRe: So Close

    Awesome Awesome and more AWESOME. You guys are really getting there. Its great that you had a show at a place where you train, that makes things so nice! I beat your heart was starting to slam the closer you got to the end So close. But you guys are really making progress. Keep it up!!

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    DefaultRe: So Close

    If you fail the send in AKC Fast then you can't Q even if you did get the 50Pt's required for novice. I get the map and set up the course in my head and walk that course and thats it, i don't try and improvise cause I tend to fall over if I do. I also learned I have no sense of time when running a Fast course. My one good run so far I had 62 points and ran to the finish thinking I was out of time, we still had 8 seconds left. And I am learning about my dog being distracted. She isn't distracted by things off the course or the judge...nooo she is distracted by the course. Walking up to the start line she will lock onto a jump or obstacle and won't look away from it even when I am trying to line her up with the start jump. Usually once we are past the first two or three jumps then she starts really paying attention to me, but those first couple are so hard for her. I could never do Obedience at a trial where there is agility. I don't know how you do it. Good Luck today and have fun.

    Kelly and Amber


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