Pup's first agility class
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Thread: Pup's first agility class

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    MoDean is the baby of our three lab family. He is cute, sweet and spoiled rotten. He attended an agility prep class and now is in his first real agility class. The first night we had to have it inside due to our bad weather. He barked at every dog trying to get them to play. Everytime I would calm him down another high energy dog would sit down beside us and he would start again. I had him do every trick in the book. I had him play with his touch stick. He cannot stand other dogs being on the agility equipment. They are his and it is always his turn. Oh well.... in frustration I questioned myself if he could even be an agility dog. Night two of class last night. I am sick with a terrible cold and we have class outside. MoDean starts the barking thing. I get him calmed down much easier. I am praying that I can retain my sanity through class. Since I know both instructors I am first at everything. First I have to put him in a stay with all of the other dogs that he wants to play with and walk away ten feet and return to him. Ok, I will try anything once. I am praying he will stay away from the dog agressive dogs if he breaks his stay. I tell him to stay, go ten feet, and return. MoDean does it. I am impressed. Next I have to put him on the table and walk ten feet away and have him stay until I release him. Once again success. We master the teeter and the a-frame. Next it is on to a three obstacle course. Tunnel, jump, tunnel. He does it fast and beautifully. Take two from the other side he does it and then finds someones bag of hot dogs. Way to go MoDean. I have been teaching him weave poles at home using a touch stick and a clicker. We have six weave poles with guides set up in my living room. He has been getting it right most of the time. Here is the amazing thing. While warming up at class, we see a set of six weave poles without guides. I tell him to weave. Guess what, he did it. Without help from me. I was so proud. To help stop the excited barking we play a game. I put him in a down and put a cookie on his paw and he can't take it until I give his release word. To amuse myself I come up with categories to try to trick him. Actors, food, dog breeds, anything. We were waiting our turn at the teeter, I had him play to focus on me and to keep from barking like cujo. I put him in a down, put on the treat. Category-dog breeds. Modean is staring intently at the cookie on his foot. I say "poodle, cocker spaniel, german shepard, sheepdog, labrador retriever...." When I say labrador retriever MoDean looks up from his paw and kisses me right accross the face. The lady next to me began to laugh. I told him ok and let him get his treat. Even when he is making me crazy, he makes me smile. I love this guy.

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    DefaultRe: Pup's first agility class

    Sounds like he's having fun.

    Nobody I know worries about a dog barking at agility class. That's part of the fun It's good that he's excited and wanting to play the game. I wouldn't squelch his enthusiasm at this point.


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