We went to a "fun" match today (I wanted to try to fix Murray's go out issue.) that wasn't all that fun. Well it was fun for the Labs...not so much for the people.

It has been raining for 3 days off and on. Today was supposed to be sunny. : I think the weather man should be fired. > It was cold, windy (it blew over tents and blew down the ring gates multiple times but thankfully none of the dogs were injured), and the rain felt like tiny needles hitting my face. It was extremely painful. I told everyone it felt like it was going to snow. Well it did! Later in the day it actually snowed in Phoenix and Scottsdale where we were. ;D

I signed up for 2 UA run thrus. On the first one...heeling and signals were great even in the pouring rain. Murray missed the metal article but found it when I made him recheck. I told the judge "he never misses articles." She said it is much harder to scent on wet saturated ground because it enhances all of the scents in the grass/dirt. Leather was no issue. The steward set out the gloves before we got to our spot so Murray ran along behind the steward picking up the gloves he apparently had dropped. : He wouldn't come back to me until all of them were picked up. Damn retrievers. We got the gloves back in their correct positions. We asked for glove #3 and he did it perfectly. He moved all of his feet on the moving stand. He really likes this judge. He tried his trick of turning and directly jumping on the go out. I immediately ran out and yelled "AGGHHH! I said SIT!" as I dragged him back to the center of the ring. Boy did that surprise him. I was so happy I was finally able to make the correction. The 2nd go out he went out and sat so I ran out and treated him.

We had to wait for everyone else to go before our 2nd turn. It was still pouring...of course. We did a very short heeling pattern to the signals (down the center/about turn/stand your dog). Signals were great again. It's a good thing Murray doesn't care if the ground is wet. We skipped articles because I wanted to focus a lot of time on go outs. We did glove #3 again and it was beautiful. We did the moving stand again to make sure we did it right. This time Murray licked the judge's face but he never moved a paw. The judge said "I think he's trying to earn extra points kissing up to the judge." ;D Go outs were fabulous. We did 5 go outs in a row and he went out and sat on all of them (and waited for me to signal a jump. ;D ) I, of course, ran out and treated all of them. I so hope he's figured this out now. I was kind of hoping I'd get a chance for one more correction but if he understands the exercise now, I guess that's all I needed. I don't intend to sound mean. I just can't show him how to be right if he's never wrong. That's been our issue all along...perfect in practice then get creative in the show where I can't correct. Several of the top trainers around here have told me I need to correct him in the ring if this continues (step toward him and yell AGGHHH! which will could very likely get me thrown out of the ring for the day).

My daughter tried Novice obedience with Essy. They looked so awesome. They were the only ones to qualify. Everyone else NQd on the sits/downs in the rain. It was definitely Lab weather. We still have things to work on though like convincing my daughter that Essy will be exactly where she needs to be when off leash. My daughter spent the entire off lead heeling pattern walking slower and slower while looking over her shoulder at Essy lagging. Well duh, she's going to lag because you have your shoulder turned. : She knows that. It was a truly novice mistake. I don't blame her though. She had her hood on so she couldn't look at Essy peripherally without turning her head and shoulder (like wearing blinders). I had the same issue heeling with Murray until I decided I was just going to have to get a little wet and flipped my hood down.

They also did Rally Adv in the rain. They were looking really good there until Essy decided to poop in the ring. I kid you not. I don't understand why this keeps happening. Essy poops twice/day like clockwork...once in the am and once in the pm. She had already pooped this am. We pottied her again before going in the rally ring because her pee habits aren't always as timely. I wonder if she is getting stressed and it is activating her bowels? Each time she has done this, the stools have been softer, not diarrhea but definitely not firm.

Oh and no scores today. It was a fun match which meant you could use treats and corrections so they don't score those types of matches (at least not around here).

We will show next weekend (obed on Sat, Rally on Sun, agility both days). I hope today's UA lesson sinks in over the next week. I hope even more that the weather clears up enough that we can practice. It's supposed to be in the 70's by the end of next week. Do I dare plan for it?