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    DefaultRally Advanced - Here we come!

    I just entered Emilu and I in our first Rally Advanced A show on Feb 9 (Fri) in Toledo, Ohio. Wish us smooth heeling! We are going to be going to 2 classes a week until then. They screwed up my advanced obedience class by changing the day, so the class starts at 6:30 (I'll never make it on time) and it is for people just starting at the Novice Obedience level ( have had basic obedience) There is no one else to teach the class on that day. I figure we can just do stuff at our level for now. Emilu really needs to be around other dogs. I will be continuing with my advanced class every other Monday at 7:00, and it is going to meet the next 2 Mondays in a row. One good thing is, there are several people interested in Rally, so after the 6:30 class, we can use 1/2 of the building to set up rally courses and practice that.

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    DefaultRe: Rally Advanced - Here we come!

    Oh, good luck! You are a much braver soul than I! I totally caved on anything off-leash with Angus this time. Maybe later. :P

    It sounds like you are going to be getting a LOT of good practice in between now and then, so I'm sure you two will do fine!

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    DefaultRe: Rally Advanced - Here we come!

    Good luck and smooth heeling!


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