shameless brag on my poopyhead
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Thread: shameless brag on my poopyhead

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    Defaultshameless brag on my poopyhead

    she was SO good at agility class last night.

    Worked on stays with attention:

    started with a downstay with one treat about 3 feet away.. then added more treats, then moved them closer. No problems - she would check the treat and then refocus on me.

    moved on to sitstay - not her strong point - but she did me SO proud... we were doing fine with four treats about a foot away from her... so I tried recalling her. She only slipped up once, trying for a treat , but stopped at a verbal correction and came right away.

    Then we tried the ladder, and she was zipping straight down the centre with only one reward in the middle, and was driving away from me when I started throwing treats ahead of her. (I use a toy at home, but its too crowded in class to do that...) Same with the tunnel, and she has the command "table" down pat as well.

    Flatwork was very good too - she was heeling like a pro on either side, and my front crosses are... well, they need work. Though I have a feeling I'll be rear crossing her speedy little self more anyway

    She is SUCH a good little girl....

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    DefaultRe: shameless brag on my poopyhead

    That's great! Focusing on the basics now will pay off tenfold later.

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    DefaultRe: shameless brag on my poopyhead

    Sure does put a smile on your face when they do it right doesn't it?


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