awkward agility moment!
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Thread: awkward agility moment!

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    Defaultawkward agility moment!

    Well, I'm actually pretty sure this doesn't count as "agility."

    Our puppy agility class is 45 minutes from home. Gabby peed at home but wouldn't pee at the trainer's (too revved up). I didn't really worry about it, she's at the point where she's good for a couple of hours.

    But, when we were doing the tunnel, Gabby went through it the first time okay. The second time, she paused in the middle for what seemed like an eternity.

    I stuck my head in the tunnel to show her the treats and encourage her out of it....and she was peeing in the middle of the tunnel!

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    DefaultRe: awkward agility moment!

    It happens! And once one dog does it in class more are likely to pee too. Tunnels are harder to clean completely than a floor.

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    DefaultRe: awkward agility moment!

    Oh nooo! Oh, I'm sorry...but it really is funny! :P I'm sure you were mortified at the time...but you will get a lot of mileage out of this story in the long run! ;D

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    DefaultRe: awkward agility moment!

    not the first time a dog has peed in the tunnel and won't be the last...I remember at one trial a dog just a couple ahead of us peed on the table..they wiped it down but I could not get Riley off the table he was too busy probably took me a good 10 seconds or more to get him off..we missed 1st place by about 3 seconds.. :-( after our run they replaced the table.. double :-(


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