New Puppy Won't Stop Crying at Night
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Thread: New Puppy Won't Stop Crying at Night

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    Our new 9-week old puppy, Max, has been with us for 6 nights and cries and barks for about 15 minutes when we put her in the safe room (her crate is there with the door open, which she likes to sleep in--no problem right from the start). We ignore it but then about an hour later she starts again. We set the alarm for 3:00 a.m. (put her to bed at midnight) and she peed outside. We took her out again at 5:30 when we heard her barking/crying and all she did was play. When we put her back in her safe room, she cried/whined for another 15 minutes, quiet for 20 minutes and started crying all over! We haven't gotten much sleep this past week! We tried putting a talk-radio station on in her room but that didn't help. There is a toy in her crate, which she seems to like. We can't have her in our bedroom due to allergies. Any suggestions? Is there hope for sleep in the near future?

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    Why would you get a dog if you are allergic? There are some breeds that are better for people with alergies, such as currly coated retrievers, standard poodles, and a few others.
    Ok now to the problem, Puppies do not like to be left alone. Puppies will eventually learn that crying doesn't get what the want if you ignore it. Puppies can adapt really well to set schedules. feed the puppy at the exact same times every day, take away the water about an hour before the last time you take them out. Give them water again first thing in the morning. I think I took my pup out every two hours for the first two weeks then every 2 1/2 then 3 then 4 etc. as the pup got older. Always take dog out and ignore it until it goes potty then and only then play with it/ give it treats. If you follow this routine then the pup will learn the faster it goes potty the quicker it gets to play/treat.
    you are not going to get alot of rest for the next 2 months or so.

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    Having a new puppy is kind of like having a newborn baby around the'll be tired for awhile. Kind of like waiting for the baby to finally sleep through the'll have to keep the pup on schedule and hope that he/she sleeps through the night soon....but that takes a little while.

    Just adhere to what Kelly posted (Amber the Duck Dawg), as that is pretty standard with what to do in training a new pup to be alone at night and/or to sleep in a crate. Another point is to NOT let the pup out right away to potty if he is crying...wait for him to be quiet for a brief moment and then let him out when you go for potty breaks. If they are non-stop whiner then you have to time it just right and go to them at the quietest moment. Key is to not say anything to the pup at all when you take him out and less touching is also better. I like to use a leash so it also restrains the pup when I take the pup out to the potty area so he can't wander and will associate that area with potty time. I take the pup out.... stand in the potty area...tell him to go potty...if the pup is sniffing around I encourage that BUT if play ensues I just stand there not even looking at the pup ignoring him. If the pup doesn't go potty...back inside in his crate then back to bed I go with earplugs if needed Also feed on a schedule so that the pup becomes regular with potty breaks so we have more apt to have success....if the pup does potty when we're out...we have a major party and the pup gets lots of play, touching, treats(easy on the treats--what goes in must come out),etc.

    Don't worry the pup will come around just got to be patient & consistent.

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