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    DefaultSunday Run-Thru

    After two weeks of no training (I am so bad) I hauled Ruger to a run-thru. We were the 2nd dog in the ring. I had just arrived and BAM I was in the ring. Ruger's heeling was really decent! But he failed on signals as he didn't sit on my first command.

    Articles were bad. Unfortunately I had washed my hands with antiseptic soap, the really smelly kind like hospitals use, before I visited the puppies earlier, and the smell was STILL lingering on my hands (I could smell it). Ruger went immediately to the correct article but he didn't want to pick it up. He knew it smelled unlike the others, but it wasn't MY smell. I didn't fuss at him too much and learned a lesson to NOT wash my hands before class.

    Gloves, we had #3 and for some reason he just froze. Didn't want to do the pivot or go out. I had to correct him and get him revved up. He still didn't want to leave me.

    Stand for Exam. Perfect.

    Directed Jumping... again he didn't want to leave me. I had to physically take him out the first time. The 2nd time he went out and did a good job, taking the correct jump as well.

    After our turn in the ring I took him out in the soccer field and continued doing go-outs and signals. After everyone had their run (before we tore down the ring) I did some more go-outs with him and he did beautifully.

    I know I have a utility dog hiding in there somewhere

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    DefaultRe: Sunday Run-Thru

    As my instructor keeps telling me, one day it will come all together! One day.
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