Double yikes...entering the boys
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Thread: Double yikes...entering the boys

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    DefaultDouble yikes...entering the boys

    into the first trial of the year and Robbie's first trial..first entry form I filled out had him entered in Novice A...yikes forgot I need to enter him in B..second's a 3 day trial..Robbie is entered in 2 classes all 3 days and Riley in 1 class all 3 poor aching check that I've filled out the entry forms (don't have to send them in for 2 weeks) I'm having second thoughts about entering Robbie all 3 days as it is his first trial and what if he has problems focusing..etc...arggggghhhhhhhhhh

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    DefaultRe: Double yikes...entering the boys

    You are a brave woman!

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    In my experience my dog does better the second day of the trial. More familiar with the setting and she knows what to expect. I think three days would be great. You have that consistency going so the performance should get better and better. Your posts you share about Robbie make me believe that he is a fairly focused guy. You are not green in the ring. Novice dogs are always a little iffy. What better way to try out your training. You all will do great.


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