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    Ever feel like you're living the same day over and over and over and over (ala Day Break or Ground Hog Day)?

    Same results, different day. Good attitude and attention despite them assigning 2 of the adjoining rings to conformation. :I wonder whose bright idea that was.

    The large circus tent between the rings had LARGE signs clearly posted stating "No Crates, Set Ups, or Grooming Tables". Apparently that only applied to the obedience folks because there wasn't even room to get to our gate due to all the yippy yappy toy dogs and their owners who each had fifteen crates and 2 grooming tables a piece. Three different obedience people complained to the show secretary (including me) but it didn't seem to be important to anyone but us lowly obedience people. It wasn't until the obedience secretary caught wind of it that anything was done. After Open A/B and UA were done, she corded off 1/2 of the space under the tent and told all the conformation folks to stay on their side and to be quiet or move out. She's the pres of the Lab club and an AKC judge (ob and conformation) so she understood both sides.

    Today's scores were eeriely similar to yesterday. I guess that means we're consistant.

    Signals 35.5/40
    Scent #1 30/30
    Scent #2 28.5/30
    Directed Ret. 28/30
    Moving Stand 29/30
    DJ NQ

    We would have had a 191.

    I think our heeling and signals were better today but Murray decided not to finish. : I wasn't sure what to do. Was that an NQ? I just stood there until the judge called "exercise finish". I talked to some other judges afterwards and they told me it is only a 3-5 pt deduction...just like any other non finish. We lost 4.5 on the entire exercise so that means we only lost 1.5 on the heeling/signal portion. They told me I could have given him a verbal or another signal to finish but it still would have cost me 3-5 so it in their mind I did the right thing by not doing anything rather than risking giving a 2nd command and still having a no finish which would have made it 6-10 (no finish and 2nd command). I'll file that in my little brain for future reference.

    Articles were AWESOME! The wind was really blowing so I was concerned how that would affect his ability to scent. It made him faster! He ran out the first time, quickly scented the pile, chose the correct one and returned. The 2nd time he didn't even scent the pile. He went straight out to the correct article and straight back but his front was crooked.

    Direct retrieve...we finally got dreaded glove 3 after I don't know...5 or 6 trials of avoiding it. He did it perfectly. Front and finish was off again.

    Moving stand was great but his finish was crooked (butt out looking up into my face while wagging his little tail).

    Directed jumping did us in again. He went out to the same corner as yesterday, turned and automatically took the bar jump. Second go out he went to the same place and took the bar again. Now THAT was new. He normally takes the opposite jump. The problem is he doesn't even stop, he turns and immediately heads for the jump. I don't know how I'm going to fix this since he only does it in a trial. I came home and we did go outs and he did them all perfectly. A friend told me I need to put my mean face on and really growl SSIIITTT!!! I'll try it tomorrow. What do I have to lose...except another $25. Thankfully we have 2 matches next weekend where I can try to fix this.

    Essy and Meghan were AWESOME in Rally Adv A! I told Meghan to watch the Adv B class to see where they had issues with the course. We watched as team after team didn't pause on the "stand walk around your dog". We watched as team after team took the jump the right way and when heading back across the ring the dog veered off course to take the jump again. We watched as dog after dog tried to eat the treats out of the off set figure 8 (they must have been really yummy because once they started, none of them were willing to stop ). None of this phased Meghan and Essy. They scored 99 and took 1st place. ;D

    We'll do it all over again tomorrow. It's supposed to be even colder tomorrow. BRRRR.

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    DefaultRe: Show results - Day 2

    Sorry you did not Q. It's Futility, right? I hope tomorrow will be better.

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    DefaultRe: Show results - Day 2

    Yeah Essy and Meghan!!!! (sorry about that DJ - must be VERY frustrating)

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    DefaultRe: Show results - Day 2

    Lydia, I am so sorry! Well, after signals, go-outs are the most frequently NQ'd exercise and they can be soooooooooooooo frustrating.
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    DefaultRe: Show results - Day 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Boys Mom
    Well, after signals, go-outs are the most frequently NQ'd exercise and they can be soooooooooooooo frustrating.
    I am in the same boat with Kona .......... more about that in my posted results.

    I am glad to see that Murray worked well both days!! Congrats to Essey and your daughter.
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