Lab Specialty Show results (day 1)
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    DefaultLab Specialty Show results (day 1)

    This was definitely Lab weather...COLD!!! It was fffffffreezing. I'm still chilled to the bone. I'm going to take a nice hot bath and defrost after I update everyone. It's supposed to be even colder tomorrow and Sun (freezing in the morning increasing to high 50 in the afternoon). BRRRRRR.

    Murray was awesome. His attitude was wonderful and he was very attentive...but we still NQd. Dang dog still thinks he's smarter than both me and the judge.

    Our scores broke down as follows:

    Heeling/Signals 35/40
    Scent Article #1 30/30
    Scent Article #2 29/30
    Directed Retreive 29/30
    Moving Stand 29.5/30
    Directed Jumping NQ

    We had a 192.5 going into the DJ. :'( No one else qualified in UA either (8 dogs in the class). It was a real heartbreaker of a class.

    I knew go outs would be a problem because they used rebar in the middle of the baby gates to hold them up in addition to the blue stanchions (remember we show outside so I think they were concerned about the wind blowing them over). At the top they put these really pretty RED blocks of wood so no one got hurt on the rebar. Of course, none of these special items were at the center stanchion.

    Murray did his first go out to the left corner, turned, saw the bar jump between him & I and thought "now THAT ain't right" so he took it on his own. > After the judge called "Exercise Finished" I lectured Murray. I told him he need to go out straight and to sit. I said "remember you need to SIT!" To my surprise, he did the 2nd go out perfectly straight down the center turned and sat. ;D He looked so handsome sitting straight with his tail wagging. I was very proud of him because he normally does the 2nd go out to the same place as the first. I smiled at him so he knew I was very happy. The judge called the "bar" again but Murray was too smart. He knew he took the bar (even though wrongly) last time so he took off for the high jump...without waiting for a signal from me. >

    The judge looked at Murray and said "Don't worry, you can go home with me. You were working very well up to that point." She really liked him. ;D

    I was very pleased with his performance today even though we NQd. I couldn't have asked for better attitude or attention and I know he understands the exercise...go out and take one jump, go out and take the other. Now its just a matter of getting him to WAIT for my signal. I know we are very close. It's just so depressing to lose it all on the last exercise. :-\

    Meghan and Essy will compete in Rally Adv A on Sat and Sun. They will be in the same ring we are in so no conflicts...YEA! I feel kind of bad but it was actually kind of nice to just be able to concentrate on Murray today (Meghan was in school). I haven't been able to do that in a really long time. Am I being selfish?

    On a side note, the Open B class was AWESOME! They had 14 qualifiers and a run off for 2nd and a run off for 4th. My friend who seems to always take HIT had a 197 and didn't even place. : It was a really tough class and a real joy to watch some of the top handlers competing (3rd Louise Meredith, 5th Jose Martinez, etc). I'm just glad I didn't have to judge those run offs.

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    DefaultRe: Lab Specialty Show results (day 1)

    WOW, Lydia, sounds like it is really coming together for Murray! Soon a green ribbon! So glad his attitude is better. One thing I had to begin with Caleb is have someone call a jump and make him wait until I sent him to the one I wanted him to go to. I would actually set him up by sending him to the opposite of what was spoken. They do tend to have a favorite jump of the day : and when then get it in their little furry heads that they need to take it, that is all they see. It is so pretty to see them across the ring smiling at us wagging their tail. Sounds good! I'm off to get cleaned up and run to PetsMart to do some work with Caleb.
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    DefaultRe: Lab Specialty Show results (day 1)

    Lydia - I love to read your descriptions of what happens in the ring with Murray. I know a Q is just around the corner and I agree that NQ'ing on the last exercise is a real bummer. Murray sounds like a wonderful dog - and if I had to choose I'd take Murray any day over a dog that doesn't look or act happy if even they did every exercise perfectly. PS I thought it was supposed to be warm in AZ this time of year.
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    DefaultRe: Lab Specialty Show results (day 1)

    WooHoo, sounds like a GREAT run even if you didn't Q.

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    DefaultRe: Lab Specialty Show results (day 1)

    Quote Originally Posted by 2yellowlabs
    PS I thought it was supposed to be warm in AZ this time of year.
    Me too!


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