Finally! A "normal" class!
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Thread: Finally! A "normal" class!

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    DefaultFinally! A "normal" class!

    Last night, for the first time in several years, I appeared to have a "normal dog" at my obedience class. No untoward reaction to any dog - either too aggressive or too friendly. Attentitive to ME, happy, still alittle nervous to have to do recalls next to all the other dogs doing them at the same time, but that would make ME nervous too Then, while I was helping to teach the next class of 11 boistorous beginner dogs, I got Emilu out in the middle of class and had her do her tricks (it was "graduation night"). I had never gotten her out with them before because I was afraid she'd have to go through her "theres a new dog in class" routine. But nooooooo - she happily went out, did her "roll-over " a couple of times, jumped throught the hoola hoops, and then went back and "crated up". Next step -- the show ring!!!

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    That was your Mother's Day present. Do not expect it every day!!!!
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    LOL @ what Ed wrote.

    Well done to Emilu!!
    Sarah & Milly - Sydney Australia

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