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    Hoo boy was today one of THOSE days. :

    Murray was awesome! His attitude and heeling were right on...back to his old prancy self. ;D Unfortunately the judge was not on. This woman was clueless with a capital C. I was first in the ring again. She did show me the heeling pattern but it quickly went downhill from there.

    First, while I'm warming Murray up, I notice the stewards setting out my gloves. :-\ I walked over to the judge and said "aren't you doing UA first?" She said yes. I said "why are the stewards setting out the gloves? Signals is the first exercise for UA." It turns out one steward was showing the other steward how to place the gloves. Whew! I had forgotten that they don't mix up the B exercises for ASCA but that rattled me a little bit.

    The heeling pattern was a fairly standard pattern. At the end on the about turn where she originally showed us a stand, she called we halted and Murray sat. She said "exercise finished". What? I reminded her this was the signal exercise she said "oh, I've got the wrong paperwork." I'm thinking everything will be ok now. Wrong! She says "leave your dog". I said "he's sitting". : She said oh then "forward" almost all the way to the other end of the ring where I assume she will have us do an about turn...nope "leave your dog". I stand Murray and look to the judge and say "it's supposed to be "stand your dog, then leave your dog". She says "ok leave your dog". I said "I'm only 3' from the end of the ring". By this time she's very pissed ME :-\ and says "FINE! Turn around then." : We manage to finish the exercise this time.

    She didn't know what exercise was next so I said "Articles, right?" I'm standing there scenting the metal article while she's doing paperwork. I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for her to ask if I'm ready. Finally I say "I'm ready". Murray gets the article. I start scenting the leather and say "I'm ready". She says "you were much quicker scenting that one." :

    I set up for gloves while she's doing paperwork. She looks up looking for me. I said "gloves are next right?" Murray gets glove #1. Yea!

    Moving stand is next. She leans all the way over Murray with her face almost right in his face. He's looking at me like "mom? Is this ok?" He passes.

    My friend who was second in the ring said everyone outside the ring was holding their breath. They told her "Murray will Q if they pass go outs".

    Go outs were a disaster. Murray went out to one corner turned and took the high jump. The judge said send him out again. I sent him out and he walked out to between the jumps then turned around and walked back in. >

    Afterwards everyone came up to me and asked what had happened with the heeling. I explained that the judge didn't know what she was doing.

    I watched the rest of the UA and UB class. Every single heeling pattern was different. Some did signals just 5' from their dogs, some with the dogs standing between the jumps, and some from the opposite end of the ring. The UB folks were livid as 2 people Qd when they gave double signals on the signal exercise but others who double signaled didn't Q. Her scoring was harsh. Someone said 1st was a 196. The winner said "no it was a 186". Everyone said "no way!" 3rd place who is a well known handler who competed at the invitational only got a 176. She said "I've never received a 176 in all my life."

    Oh well. I was very pleased with Murray's performances this weekend, especially his attitude and heeling today. Next weekend is a 3 day show including the Lab specialty. Everyone told me that we should definitely Q next weekend because Murray was working so well. I sure hope so. I think we're due.

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    DefaultRe: Sun ASCA show results

    Man, Lydia--they sure know how to not pick judges! :

    Glad to hear he is doing better. Looking forward to hearing how he does at your long weekend.
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    DefaultRe: Sun ASCA show results

    Good Lord, if this had been an AKC judge, there'd be hell to pay.

    Sounds like Murray is doing well. I love your reports. Just wish for more pictures


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